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Justin Luczejko was attending high school when he started Wonka Vision with two friends, Elysa Stein and Andrew Wertz in 1998; a twenty-page ‘zine that they copied at an OfficeMax store. WV grew over the years to an independently published music, arts and political magazine.

In a 2008 interview with South Philly Review, Luczejko explains that Wonka Vision “do[es] art, politics, anything that’s sort of underground, on that edge […] it’s not just rock, we do hip-hop-always have-I grew up listening to rap, indie rock, hardcore, we’ve done what we love.”


Art direction, Branding, Illustration


WonkaVision Magazine



What I Delivered

Graphic design, art direction and illustration for an 88-page independent magazine. I was brought on in 2008 to re-imagine the design of the magazine. I developed custom templates for each section, unifying the layout and typography while still keeping the paste up feel from it’s ‘zine roots.

WonkaVision #43

In addition to being WonkaVision’s bestselling issue ever, the Women Who Rock cover story also got a shout out on Jezebel.

I was supremely proud to be part of a retrospective that shined a light not only on visible women-fronted bands, but also focused on elevating women’s roles behind the scenes.

In her editor’s letter, Ellen Thompson writes: “The disparities the notable women in the following pages are bitching about have more to do with what’s not meeting our eyes and ears. It’s the disparities in the boardrooms and recording studios of record labels and in the lighting booths at clubs and venues.”

WonkaVision #44

Wonka Vision #44 has limited edition dual covers!

This “Blue Collar Rock” issue features The Gaslight Anthem, Kings Of Leon, NOFX, Dillinger 4, Off With Their Heads, Avail, a scrapbook of Bouncing Souls photos spanning two decades, 30 years of vintage punk rock photography plus plenty of columns and reviews.

Highlights include a special archival photo collage of never-released photos from Nirvana, Blondie, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Belinda Carlisle, Iggy Pop, Sid Vicious and others.

WonkaVision #45

The band MAE and legos! WonkaVision commissioned a “House of  Legos” constructed by world renowned Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya for issue #45’s awesome cover. We had a lot of fun demolishing it afterwards too!

Highlights include:

An interview with Ralph Baer: Creator of the Atari and The Father of Video Games.

Artist Essay: Eli Livingston – Sculpture, prop and FX effects in Kevin Smith’s feature film DOGMA. Remember when Alan Rickman said he was “ill equipped”? The hilariously neutered angel was courtesy of Eli.

WonkaVision #46

Wonka Vision got an interior layout design update for issue #46.

A little more professional but at it’s heart – still a hand-crafted punk ‘zine. Sadly, this issue only exists in digital form as it never went to print. WonkaVision ceased publication in August of 2010.

Media Kit

Art direction and custom illustration for a re-launch of the WonkaVision media kit