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Get Your S**RCH Together Campaign

Lucidworks developed a SaaS search solution Connected Search for release in 2022. To drum up awareness and get early access customers initiated into the new platform, our team developed the ‘Get Your S**rch Together’ campaign.

We lead with a few targeted teaser ads, followed by aggressive paid ads as well as a tie-in webinar campaign to educate users on why site search should be an integral part of their customer experience. If customers and users can’t find what they’re looking for, they get frustrated and leave your site. And in the case of employees looking for job related information – lose productivity trying to find the answers.

Teaser Social Campaign

Early Q1

Teaser social campaign with a New Year Resolution theme launched in January 2022 on LinkedIn and Twitter to drive interest in the upcoming Get Your S**rch Together ads.

Landing Page

Targeted landing page

Paid Ads

Product Page

Connected Search on

Webinar and Paid Social


Site Search 101

E-book describes the basics of site search and how to amplify content marketing for increased engagement. And educates users how search relevance and ranking helps convert and retain customers.

Site Search Buyer’s Guide

E-book guide informs the user what the three main reasons why their site search is terrible and costing them money every day. Key features and capabilities to look for when shopping for a new site search solution. And the top metrics to measure a user’s site search app’s success – and prove ROI.