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The band MAE and legos! Wonka Vision commissioned a house of Legos constructed by world renowned Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya for issue #45’s awesome cover. We had a lot of fun demolishing it afterwards too!

Highlights include:

An interview with Ralph Baer: Creator of the Atari and The Father of Video Games.

Artist Essay: Eli Livingston: Sculpture, prop and FX effects in Kevin Smith’s feature film DOGMA. Remember when Alan Rickman said he was ‘ill equipped’? The hilariously neutered angel was courtesy of Eli.

About issue #45

Wonka Vision Magazine’s Annual Art & Toy Issue is jam packed! On the music side, the cover story features former Tooth & Nail Record’s Artist, MAE on the cover building a 4-foot tall house of Lego’s constructed by world renowned Lego Artist Nathan Sawaya. The Lego house is a metaphor as the collaboration between Toys & Music stems deep in Issue #45. With Habitat for Humanity, every month in 2009, MAE sold a new song (via their website) and donated 100% of the $65,000 in profits collected, to construct a real house in Newport News, VA for Rhonda Floyd and her family. (A photo of the house that MAE built can be seen below).

On the flip-side, Wonka Vision goes political looking into limited-edition vinyl toys which continue to sell for hundreds of dollars in a depraved U.S. economy; while the majority of toys are being created overseas. Additional topics of discussion include the impact of CPSCIA Toy Laws and how they are affecting the independent artist. Some of the toy companies included in this massive feature are everyone from Sweet Meats, Headphonies, Mad Toy Design, Vinyl Cut, Kaleidoscope, Anna Chambers Productions, Tokyoplastic, Hint Mints, OhNoDoom!, Purple Flavor, Super 7, Germusu, ESC-Toy, Atomic Monkey, Patch Together and more!