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In mid-2015 Capital One 360 finalized research cumulating in the need to refocus on marketing for the high income affluent segment of their target audience.

The first project from this initiative was a tiered savings conditional offer, based around incrementally increasing bonus tiers. Bonuses ranged from $50-$500, determined by the amount of the customer’s initial deposit.

The ask was to convey enduring product value while offering top-of-market bonus but with an affluent bent.

Repostioning the very happy, friendly 360 Savings brand with a more higher end aesthetic called for an exploration in using the current brand standards while pushing its boundaries.

Lighter weight versions of the Trade Gothic font were employed instead of the standard Trade Gothic bold. A new texture was introduced with a subtle wave pattern chosen to subconsciously give a nod to forward motion. Paper quality was upgraded from a standard matte to a mid-weight gloss with foil stamping on specific segments.

This campaign resulted in $1.9 Billion dollars (and growing) new 360 Savings bank deposit assets. More than double the projected ask. The highest tier customer with deposits of $50,000 or more saw a marked increase of 8x the normal rate of growth during the campaign. Campaign averaged 600+ new accounts daily over the usual standard of ~370 accounts per day.